OCF Bible study at Brent HouseRegular Weekly Meetings

OCF meets every Thursday night during the school year, beginning at 6:30 pm at Newberger Hillel Center (5715 South Woodlawn Avenue). We typically begin the meeting with an evening prayer service (Vespers or Small Compline) which may be followed by a meal, informal fellowship, and/or a more structured discussion or Bible study. Please see the calendar for details, and join our email list for weekly emails including the most up-to-date information. Everyone and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings!

Church Services

OCF members attend a number of different Orthodox churches throughout the city, including Saint Makarios the Great Orthodox Mission that meets close to the UChicago campus. If you need a ride to church, or are just curious and want to visit an Orthodox church, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Special Activities

Social Activities - Each quarter, OCF members get together for a night that's dedicated to fun and fellowship. Past favorites include baking banana bread, watching movies, exploring Chicago's neighborhoods, and trying out new restaurants. While we always have one "official" fun night each quarter, members often find themselves sharing meals together or just spending time together--ask around to see if anything is going on!

Service Projects - OCF is active in both University-sponsored and OCF-sponsored service opportunities. We have worked together with the University Community Service Center at its Winter Day of Service, and we have joined together with other student groups to feed the hungry and homeless in downtown Chicago. Some of us have participated in the national OCF's Real Break program.

Area Events - A number of our members attend Orthodox events in the greater Chicago area, such as the YAL conference, OC Life events, OCMC benefit dinners, area parish retreats, regional OCF retreats, and the Synergy Symposium. Announcements for area events are often sent out on our email list. If you have an event to share, let us know!

Guest Speakers - We invite a number of guest speakers to speak on campus. Please see the calendar for upcoming talks. Past visitors include: Archbishop JOB, Fr. Thomas Hopko, and Bishop Alexander Golitzin.

Monastery Trips - Each year, we try to plan at least one retreat to a monastery, usually during Advent or Great Lent. In the past, we've visited St. John Chrysostom Greek Orthodox Monastery in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Holy Dormition Monastery (Romanian Episcopate) in Rives Junction, Michigan.

Lenten Efforts During Great Lent, OCF meets daily for prayer and Presanctified Liturgy is served weekly on campus. Members get together often to attend church services during the week and to make special "field trips" to deanery Vespers services and other special Lenten services and events.